Business Rule #1: Know Your Numbers

In the world of constant change businesses need to adapt and evolve to remain their competitive edge and grow.
Wisora enables you to make better financial decisions by providing you a tool for smoother budgeting and consolidation of the forecasts.

See How We Do It

The Changing World of Financial Planning

For many companies budgeting used to be a time consuming laborious headache full of Excel sheets and slow communication between all the parties involved in the process. The result of budgeting was a static document that no one hardly ever read.
The pace of change is the business environment has gone higher than ever before. Budget shouldn’t be a static document that is done once a year and only CFO and top management is concerned about. It’s time to involve all the hey people into budgeting and financial forecasting while making the process human friendly and understandable for everyone. This is why Wisora was born.

The Benefits of Using Wisora

Rolling Budgeting

Rolling budgeting (feature) enables you to adapt to the change and make faster management decisions (benefits). It’s up to you how often you want to renew your forecasts - you can go annual, biannual or monthly


Engaging more people in your organization into budgeting process helps to keep everyone on the same page and be part of the leadership of the company. Users don’t need to have a background in finance


Integration with your existing ERP and accounting software enables your to get most value out of your current software investments and compare the planned consolidated budget with actual financial results.

Which Companies Benefit the Most?

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Group companies in various sectors from manufacturing to software to professional services. Note that Wisora can consolidate even if account plans are different.

Companies with many departments that all need to budget on their own while all the financial projections need to be consolidated into one forecast.

Companies who want to practice rolling budgeting and are tired of the slowness of the process and the mistakes that come along with Excel sheets.

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