​Budgets Consolidation and Eliminations made Easy

​Calculators, ​spreadsheets & ​counting frames can be quite cute ​​and nostalgic to use sometimes, but your company budget for 2021 should be compiled in a tool that is built for ​people

​Who is ​Wisora budgeting software ​suitable for?

  • ​​Group companies in various sectors from manufacturing to software to professional services. Wisora can consolidate the budgets even if the account ​chemes differ from company to company.
  • ​Companies and public sector organizations with many departments that all need to budget on their own while all the financial projections need to be consolidated into one forecast.
  • ​Companies who want to practice rolling budgeting and are tired of the slowness of the process and the mistakes that naturally come along with ​people and speadsheets. Even your sales people can give their quarterly input.

Note: ​We know that You are using ​a sophisticated financial ERP solution, we integrate with it so no worries there

​Budgeting made easy

Every contributor in every subsidiary ​and department will have a separate access to her own budget. Even sales people themselves can input their sales forecasts ​for each quarter so you get to ​compare ​with the real results. ​

​​Consolidation made mistake free

​Sending speadsheets across the entire organizations and waiting them back ​hoping them to be filled in correctly can be a real headache and time waster. Instead Wisora does ​consolidation automatically for you.

​Eliminations made flexible

​To get your group level financial statements consolida​ted as smooth as possible Wisora enables you to do the intercompany eleiminations based on flexible rules. ​​Get a snapshot of the financial situation any time.


User Friendly ​Budgeting 

​We have made it easy for anyone in your organization to be engaged into budgeting and forecasting process. Just share the access to the right budget sections and your colleagues will ​easily enter their data for smooth rolling burgeting f​rom sales units to operations.


​Mistake​-free Consolidation

​Wisora eliminates the obsatcles and minimizes the human mistakes by keeping everything in the cloud so no files are sent and waited for eternity. Wisora integrates with your existing ​financial software and can both read ​& write from/to it so you can compare the forecasts withe the actual results.


​Flexible Eliminations

​Set your elimination rules ​and enjoy Wisora doing all the hard work. No more manual ​effort, searching through the historical documents, converting currencies and formats, managing settlements.

​Customer stories

​Kaia Kivistik - C​FO of ​Olympic entertainment Group

​Our ​company has been able to reduce the time and effort drastically by applying ​Wisora to handle all these issues of Budgeting, Consolidations and Intercompany Eliminations.

​Jane Doe - CFO of ​Graanul Invest

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​​Discover the potential of Wisora for your company

​Lets start a discussion and see where it leads us, perhaps it makes sense to start as early as possible on 2020 in order to be ready to do all the budeging for 2021 on the special software solution Wisora.

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