Upgrade Your Financial Planning for 202​1 ​& Beyond

Engage your ​people from subsidiaries​ and departments in ​budgeting & planning. ​ ​Get ​consolidated numbers for yourself and the management as instantly as you ​wish

Who is Wisora ​Budgeting ​Software ​Built For?

  • ​Group companies in various sectors from manufacturing to retail to professional services. Wisora minimizes the risk of human mistakes ​​typical to Excel and enables to create & ​manage different budget versions and ​what-if scenarios. 
  • ​​​​​Enterprises with complicated budge​s ​and inter-company elimination rules. Wisora can consolidate budgets even ​if your subsidiaries use different ERP solutions or if their account ​schemes differ from company to company.​ 
  • ​​Public and private sector organizations with many departments and projects. Often municipalities and universities have many parallel projects that need budgeting that is in sync with their general annual budget.  ​

3 Benefits of Using Wisora Financial ​Planning


User ​Centric ​Budgeting 

​​Every contributor in your organization ​gets a separate access to his/her own budget section. ​Just define the roles and share the access so your colleagues will ​easily enter their estimated numbers.

​Every sales ​​​pro ​and department head can enter ​her numbers ​while consolidation happens automatically. ​You can have as many budget versions as needed to make what-if scenarios. ​

Wisora user friendly budgeting


​​​Hassle Free Consolidation

​​To get your group level financial statements just set your elimination rules once ​​and enjoy Wisora ​doing all the hard consolidation work automatically.

​The account schemas may be different form department to department form subsidiary to subsidiary, ​Wisora is built to handle that. ​​The elimination rules are flexible and can cover all your corner cases.


​​​​​Faster Management Decisions

​Integration with your existing ​​ERP or data cube ​Wisora enables you to compare budgets with actual results at any time.

​​This makes it fast & easy for you to ​to get a full snapshot of financial ​​situation ​and create reports for the management team.

​​Get both short and long ​Income ​Statements, P&L and also Cash Flows.  ​Wisowa enables you to make faster management decisions and better adapt to change. ​​

Wisora - better financial management decisions

The Changing World ​of Financial Management

The pace of which the business environment is changing has gone faster and more uncertain than ever before. Budget shouldn’t be a static document that is done once a year and only CFO and top management is concerned about.

It’s time to engage all the the relevant people into the budgeting and financial forecasting while making the process user friendly​ and understandable for everyone. This is why we made Wisora.

​​Discover the Po​wer of Wisora ​Budgeting ​& Consolidation