Your Wizard in Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Collect & Consolidate budget numbers Automatically
  • Practice Agile Financial Planning using Easy Versions
  • Get instant management report via your existing BI tool

Whom is Wisora Budgeting Software Built For?

  • CFOs and controllers of Mid-size International Groups in various sectors, even if  general ledgers differ from company to company
  • Finance departments of enterprises with several layers of departments and units and therefore having a complicated budgeting logic
  • Public sector organizations with many departments and projects who need budgeting that is in sync with their general annual budget

3 Benefits of Using Wisora Financial Planning


User Centric Budgeting 

Every contributor in your organization gets her own access to a specific budget section.

Just define the roles as super user and share the access with your colleagues.

Every sales pro, department head and project manager can now enter her estimated numbers.

And Wisora minimizes the risk for human mistakes typical to Excel.

You can have as many budget versions and what-if scenarios as you wish.

Wisora user friendly budgeting


Automated Consolidation

To get your group level financial statements just set your elimination rules once and enjoy Wisora doing all the hard consolidation work automatically.

The elimination rules are flexible and can cover all your corner cases.

The general ledgers may be different form department to department form subsidiary to subsidiary, Wisora is built to handle that. 


Faster Management Decisions

Integrated with your existing ERP or data warehouse Wisora enables you to compare budgets with actual results at any time.

By integrating Wisora with your existing BI tool enables you to get a full snapshot of financial situation and create reports for the management team faster than ever.

Get both short and long Income Statements, P&L and also Cash Flows.  Wisowa enables you to make faster management decisions and better adapt to change.

Wisora - better financial management decisions

The Changing World of Financial Planning

" The pace of which the business environment is changing has gone faster and more uncertain than ever before. A well thought out plan has the potential of getting irrelevant very soon, now more than ever before.

Plans need to be revised constantly, people need to keep monitoring their priorities and change continuously. CFOs are expected to deliver insights not only about "What's going on" in the business to "What can happen".

In this scenario Annual Operating Plan is slowly loosing its relevance. Continuous planning is the new approach. This provides more opportunities to identify weakness and strengthen opportunities.

This is why we made Wisora. "  Rando Pikner, CEO

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